What is DineSafe

DineSafe is a subscription-based, online platform that helps restaurants bring back guests by showing them how safe restaurants are.

How do we do it? In two easy steps:

Step One: Compliance

DineSafe provides all users with access to comprehensive federal, state and local restaurant compliance rules and regulations (tailored to each restaurant’s zip code)

Each day, users will receive a text message asking them 3–5 safety questions. These questions are tailored to match their local regulations, and include requests to take pictures/video of specific ways their restaurant is keeping guests safe.

At the end of each week, each restaurant will have completed a full review of all applicable safety regulations and, after two weeks, can be certified “DineSafe.”

Step Two: Guest Engagement

DineSafe displays each restaurant’s safety information on a restaurant-specific profile page.

This page will show guests the restaurant’s DineSafe certification score, as well as a more detailed explanation (including pictures) of each safety-related step the restaurant is taking.

Restaurants will be able to supplement their profile pages with additional documentation showing adherence to best practices and other safety-related procedures.

This real time safety information, score and DineSafe certificate are then published (via push button syndication) to all the different spots online frequented by diners, including the restaurant’s Google information page, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and similar digital/social media destinations.

Keep your guest safe
with DineSafe